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The Applied Nutrition & Training in Singapore (ANTS L2) course.
No bullshit. Just results.

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ANTS L2 equips you with actual practical skills you’ll need to apply when working as a personal trainer. It’s way beyond the textbook theories you may have learnt from your PT certificates. You’ll learn how you can be a better coach for your clients. How to get clients. How to maximise your clients’ results. How to maximise your value as a trainer. Immediately applicable.

Not a Coach? That’s fine. ANTS L2 is heavy on exercises. It’s for anyone who’s serious about no-bullshit fitness information. It’ll benefit your own training. It’s the place to be if you wish to learn more about training and specific exercises, without hiring a personal trainer.


Learn through the best of both worlds – 3 webinars via Zoom, recorded & accessible at your own convenience, plus a practical session with Team LTU. Real world, real clients.


Apply your newly acquired and elevated knowledge in our face-to-face practical session. Train on-site with Team LTU and other trainers & real world clients and receive invaluable feedback on how you can be a better coach.

Expand your network

Hone and sharpen your skills with other Coaches in the trade.

Course Overview

ANTS L2 is split into 4 lessons – 3 theoretical webinars conducted over Zoom and 1 in-person practical at the gym.

ANTS L2 Intake 2 has closed. Future intakes to be announced soon.


Functional Nutrition

You’ll learn about how nutrition literally fuels your function day to day & how a sustainable diet should comprise.


Anatomy, Physics & Biomechanics

Pretty much the core competency of any Personal Trainer. Major muscles, force vectors, centre of mass & how we’re designed to move based on our given structure.


Strength training philosophy

This covers the big picture questions: The overarching ‘rules’ of how to lift well to progress long term; and sums up what ‘healthy lifting’ should & can look like.


Basic Muscle Mechanics

A little more technical as to how muscles work & why it matters; this helps you understand more about muscle strength & growth later.


Principles of Hypertrophy

How muscle grows & how can you train for it.


Coaching Methodology

How to be a more effective coach – also explains why some methods fail to produce results.


Programming for Beginners


How to choose exercises that fit you & what considerations you need to take note of.


Build you own programme (BYOP)


Learn how to build a training programme that lasts for the next 10 years and more.


dinokang (or commonly known to his clients as NK) has 14 years of training experience under his belt since the young age of 15. He spent the bulk of his career researching about nutrition and debunking false information on the Internet. It was his dabbling in research that dinokang found his passion in educating the public, hence the creation of Lifelong Training University.

In 2019, dinokang competed in the drug-tested International Bodybuilding Championship organised by the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) and emerged Champion in his weight class (Under 80kg) and placed 3rd Overall amongst other International Athletes.

Professionally, dinokang was previously a trainer at Ultimate Performance and is currently a freelancer in Singapore.

A huge advocate of walking the talk, dinokang has produced life-changing results with his clients, largely due to his adaptive and empathetic approach tailored to each client’s style and needs.


Day 1: 4 November (Webinar), 10am to 12pm
Day 2: 11 November (Webinar), 10am to 12pm
Day 3: 18 November (Webinar), 10am to 12pm
Day 4: 26 November (Practical), 12pm to 5pm
Location: Freedom Gym

40 seats available only.
Registration closes 2 November 2023.


SGD$298 for ANTS L1 graduates

Frequently Asked

ANTS L2 is mainly for coaches who are looking to sharpen and hone their personal training skills, to value-add to their clients.

Sure! Beyond Coaches, ANTS L2 is really for anyone who’s serious about no-bullshit fitness information. It’ll benefit your own training. It’s the place to be if you wish to learn more about training and specific exercises, without hiring a personal trainer.

L1 is meant for beginners. It is a very basic crash course. L2 is meant for coaches; you’ll need to have some prior fitness knowledge to keep up.

No, but our ANTS L1 course is a useful starting point for ANTS L2. You’ll also get a significant discount as a LTU Community member if you’ve taken ANTS L1.

As long as you can appear physically, why not?

The course is SGD$598 for the public. LTU Community members receive a special rate at SGD$298.

The 3 webinars will be conducted via Zoom and will be recorded and sent to you via email. ⁣A day before the course, slides and the Zoom link will be sent to you via email.

For the practical session, it is held physically at the Freedom Gym. 

Please be sure to whitelist email correspondences from us to avoid missing information.

No lunch will be provided. Participants will need to settle their own meals.

We take no shows very seriously, as you are depriving someone else of their spot. There will be no discounts offered even if you can attend the 3 webinars, and you will not get a refund.

At the current time, no. But we’re trying to make this available in the future. Keep a look out!