Applied Nutrition & Training in Singapore (ANTS) Level 1 packs all relevant principles about training & nutrition into a tight packed curriculum to get you started in your lifelong training journey.

The Beginner's

ANTS L1 enables you to start well & start right. But hey, even if you’ve started and have no idea, that’s alright. Get the guidance you need here.

Becoming fit & healthy, and staying so, doesn’t require you to kill yourself doing fasted cardio or some HIIT class early in the morning. ⁣Instead, ANTS L1 equips you with the knowledge required to make healthier decisions yourself. ⁣⁣ANTS L1 is the only course in Singapore that teaches you about both Nutrition & Training, at a Beginner level.

Since its inception, the ANTS L1 course has run 6 successive intakes, training more than 350 Beginners and successfully equipping them with nutrition & training know-how.

Find out why ANTS L1 is recommended by doctors & more.


Conducted on Zoom, regardless of where you are located, you may participate in our class anytime, anywhere.


Interact in realtime with Team LTU, occasional esteemed guest lecturers and other attendees, across 4 webinars.


Missed a lesson or want to refresh your knowledge? Recorded lectures are made available to you after each weekly lecture.

Invitation to
LTU Community

Upon graduation from the course, you'll be invited to join the LTU Community, a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts like you. Get exclusive perks such as access to LTU's Exercise Library and more.

Course Overview

ANTS L1 is split into 8 modules; each weekly webinar covers 2 modules.
A final assessment to follow.


Anatomy & Nutrition

  • Nutritional basics
  • Macros 101
  • Understanding caloric deficit & caloric surplus
  • Why diets fail
  • The role of food
  • Roadmap of a diet
  • Strategies when going through a diet


The Dieting Brain

  • Why diets fail
  • The role of food
  • Roadmap of a diet
  • Strategies when going through a diet


Singapore's Food Culture

  • The problem
  • Why people eat they way they do and how it links to health
  • Understanding government initiatives
  • The true cost of eating
  • Kinds of diets
  • Debunking common misconceptions
  • Products in the market
  • Diet friendly products
  • Understanding protein weightage & reading labels


Mental health

Trigger warning

  • Defining mental health
  • Eating disorders: Causes and dealing with eating disorders


Introduction to Strength Training

  • Visual & non-visual benefits of strength training
  • Why anatomy matters
  • Trends in training
  • Types of training
  • Principles & drivers of hypertrophy (strength gain)
  • What you need to know as a Beginner in lifting
  • Fundamental movements


Age, Gender & Mindset

  • What happens when we age
  • Training considerations by age group
  • Training considerations by gender
  • Genetics & how it affects you



  • Beginners vs Non-Beginners
  • Beginner psychology
  • Beginner characteristics
  • Mentality in the gym
  • Choosing your ‘poison’
  • Safety in the gym
  • Mentality outside the gym
  • Body weight
  • Body image
  • Expectations



  • First steps
  • Theory vs practise
  • Elements of a good training programme
  • Sample full-body workout
  • ‘Good’ & ‘bad’ exercises


dinokang (or commonly known to his clients as NK) has 14 years of training experience under his belt since the young age of 15. He spent the bulk of his career researching about nutrition and debunking false information on the Internet. It was his dabbling in research that dinokang found his passion in educating the public, hence the creation of Lifelong Training University.

In 2019, dinokang competed in the drug-tested International Bodybuilding Championship organised by the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) and emerged Champion in his weight class (Under 80kg) and placed 3rd Overall amongst other International Athletes.

Professionally, dinokang was previously a trainer at Ultimate Performance and is currently a freelancer in Singapore.

A huge advocate of walking the talk, dinokang has produced life-changing results with his clients, largely due to his adaptive and empathetic approach tailored to each client’s style and needs.



Join the 390+ Beginners who have taken their first step in improving their nutrition & fitness.

Intake 8 · July 6, 13, 20, 27; 10am to 12pm


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Frequently Asked

Practically anyone looking to eat & train better to be healthier. Primarily Beginners: Desk-bound workers, stay-home moms, youngsters looking to learn about fitness but overwhelmed by the internet. The list goes on.

ANTS L1 is not just another health talk. It’s 4 webinars designed to equip beginners with nutrition and exercise know-how, while attempting to undo the many misconceptions floating amidst the fitness industry today.

Additionally, the course uses the context of Singapore to illustrate the applications of the knowledge to be acquired. ⁣ ⁣

Surprisingly, no. There is no specific requirement for this course. Come as a blank sheet of paper, but be prepared to fill it up as we go along. ⁣

Yes, of course you can. ⁣You only need a stable internet connection.

Yes. Overseas corporations are welcome too. Drop us a message in the form below or email us at [email protected].

From 2024, the course will cost SGD$398. For corporate packages, please write to us at [email protected] or in the form below.

The webinars will be conducted via Zoom and will be recorded and sent to you via email. ⁣A day before the course, slides and the Zoom link will be sent to you via email. At the end of the course, a final assessment will be sent to you. Please be sure to whitelist email correspondences from us to avoid missing information.

Fret not! The webinar will be recorded, and the link to the recording will be sent to you via email. You may access them at your own leisure.