He lost 7kg but gained so much more

It's been a long time since Steven felt this confident going topless. But behind every great man is a great woman. Find out how his great wife and dinokang propelled him to do so.

It’s been a long time since Steven felt this comfortable going topless in public. But as they say, behind every great man is a great woman. Steven’s incredible transformation started from a referral from his wife, Madeline, to dinokang. The wonder woman behind the scenes, she also prepared the meals, and nagged at Steven to hit his protein. After 4 months of training with dinokang, Steven lost 7kg. But beyond muscle gain, he gained so much more.

Steven originally had no interest in personal training. Neither did he have any fitness goals. While he wasn’t new to weight loss – he had ‘dieted’ during the circuit breaker and saw his weight drop – that was simply a result of eating fewer calories.

His wife, Madeline, had other ideas. Seeing great success in her own fitness journey with dinokang, she referred Steven so they can be physically fitter and stronger for each other and their kids.

Good things happen when you lift. It’s also about the things you learn and gain along the way.

Steven started out not even being able to do dumbbell presses properly, a very basic pressing movement commonly used to build the chest. He simply could not feel his chest working because his triceps were taking over the bulk of the load.

After just a few sessions in, Steven’s awareness of his movement and chest muscles got better, and he was able to use dumbbells for pressing.

His posture also improved – he went from an elevated, semi-shrugging default state to a stronger, stable one because his upper back muscles are a lot stronger. Lats and SA were some major areas that he worked on with NK.

This is all real. It’s not photoshop. It’s hard work and proper guidance, and it certainly does not end here. dinokang credits the couple for their tenacity: “1 hour in the gym is my effort, the 23 hours outside the gym is yours.”

We cheer for Steven and Madeline as they continue their lifelong journey of ageing strong and fit!

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